Helpful Plumbing Tips:

  • Consider replacing a water heater more than 15 years old. (The first four numbers of the serial number represent the month and year it was made.) Newer water heaters are more energy efficient.
  • Carefully drain several gallons from the water heater tank to flush out corrosion causing sediment, which reduces heating efficiency and shortens the life of the heater.
  • Make sure flammables are not stored near the water heater or furnace. 
  • Conserve energy by checking the temperature setting on your water heater. It should not be above 120°F or medium setting on older models.
  • Toilets consume more than 40% of your total water usage. Installation of a new toilet flapper and fill valve will keep your toilet running efficiently.
  • Replacing an old shower head can save up to 7.5 gallons of water per minute without sacrificing full spray action at low or high water pressures.
  • A leaky faucet that drips once per  second can waste more than 8 gallons per day.  That’s 3,000 gallons per year!


  • Basement Remodels
  • Code Violations Corrected
  • Drain Cleaning/Unclogging
  • Frozen Pipes & Drains Thawed
  • Full Service Plumbing
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Lines Installed & Repaired
  • GasLeaks Detected & Repaired
  • Pipe Replacements & Repairs
  • Residential
  • Sewer Lines Installed & Repaired
  • Showers & Tubs
  • Sinks, Toilets & Faucets
  • Sump Pumps Installed & Repaired
  • Water Heaters – Standard
  • Water Heaters – Tankless
  • Water Lines Installed & Repaired
  • Water Pressure Problems
  • Winterization